Appointments & Fees


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Payment With OHIP

  • Medical Abortion

    Medical abortions are covered by OHIP.

  • Surgical Abortion

    Surgical abortions are covered by OHIP.

Payment Without OHIP

  • Medical Abortion

    The cost of a medical abortion without OHIP coverage is $900; this cost includes the price of the medication and one follow-up appointment after taking the medication. Any subsequent follow-ups or D&C procedure needed are not included.

  • Surgical Abortion

    The cost for a surgical abortion without OHIP coverage ranges depending on the gestation of the pregnancy. For pregnancies less than 12 weeks of gestation, the cost is $500. For pregnancies 12 weeks and greater gestation, the cost scales upward starting from $700. Follow-up appintments are not included and cost an additional $100.

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